Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

Cost models, cost estimates, budgets, cost plans, risk analysis, bills of quantities, life cycle costs for construction projects

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

About Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

In simple terms, Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional is an expert software application that will allow you to produce:

  • Cost models
  • Budgets
  • Estimates
  • Cost plans
  • Bills of quantities
  • Life cycle costs

for all types of construction works. It even has a superb built-in Monte Carlo risk anaylysis package to help you determine and include proper allowance for risk.

In formal RICS terms, Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional is an expert software application that will allow you to carry out:

  • Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works.
  • Detailed measurement for building works.
  • Order of cost estimating and cost planning for building maintenance works.

With it, you can create:

  • Dynamic cost models
  • Cost estimates for construction works
  • Cost plans for construction works
  • Bills of quantities for construction works
  • Cost estimates for building renewal and maintenance works
  • Cost plans for building renewal and maintenance works
  • Detailed allowances for risk using the built-in Monte Carlo risk allowance engine.

All carried out simply and quickly and presented in clear and comprehensive reports.

Fully compliant with professional standards

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional complies fully with the guidance issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in their publications NRM1 - 'Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works', NRM2 - 'Detailed measurement for building works' and NRM3 - 'Order of cost estimating and cost planning for building maintenance works', and the UK Office of Government Commerce's requirements on accuracy, robust risk allowances and life cycle costs of construction projects before budget approval.

Extensive libraries and cost data

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional is supplied with comprehensive construction cost planning and bills of quantities libraries, all fully compliant with NRM1, NRM2 and NRM3. Simply drag and drop the items into your cost model or bill of quantities.

The program is also supplied with extensive UK construction cost data allowing you to provide early cost advice and detailed cost planning.

You can choose to use this cost data or use your own pricing. You can also create your own libraries and cost data.

All UK cost data is updated automatically every 3-months - the information you use will never be out of date.

UK unit costs are also benchmarked and adjusted automatically so they are always appropriate to the scale of project, whether it be a single dwelling or a multi-million pound complex hospital development the rates recognise project size and economies of scale.

Simple to use

You can create your early cost advice cost model in just a few minutes.

Using the wizard, simply select a building type form the list, enter a few basic details:

Click the button and that's it. You have a fully detailed cost model and cost estimate!

Below are screenshots of the part of group and full elemental summaries:

Each element can be examined in turn and costs adjusted as you may think necessary. You can now provide a fully-detailed cost model showing how the budget/estimate is put together. No arguments in the future about what is or what isn't included. It's all very clear.

Life cycle costs

Want the life cycle costs of your building? No problem. Just click a another button and here it is! An instant start to renewal and maintenance costs for your proposed building

As with the capital costs, each element can be examined in turn and costs adjusted as you may think necessary.

Carry out option studies to determine best value

Through making simple adjustments to the base data, CostAdviser Professional will completely remodel your cost model for immediate cost effects of option studies. For example:

  • What is the revised cost of changing the size of the building?
  • What is the effect of making the building three storeys instead of two?
  • What happens if I make the building square instead of rectangular?
  • What happens if I reduce the storey height by 100mm?
  • What happens if I put back the start of construction by 3 months?
  • And the list goes on and on.....
  • Explore all the possible options when it matters most - before the design committed.

Refine the cost model as design progresses

As the design progresses and more information becomes available you can start refining your cost model and building your cost plans, element-by-element.

CostAdviser Professional is supplied with comprehensive cost planning libraries. Simply drag and drop the required items from the library into your cost plan, add the quantity, check the suggested pricing and that's it.

Each item has a dedicated traditional-looking dimsheet that is easy to use to calculate quantities.

The software also incorporates the ability to import dimensions from digital measuring software - we recommend QuickScale Plus - it's cheap and effective.

Cost plans for renewal and maintenance costs operate in the same way as those for capital costs.

When you create a life cycle cost model from a capital (i.e. and initial construction cost) cost model, the renewal and maintenance cost plans are pre-populated with information extracted from the capital cost plans. You can amend this information easily and/or drag and drop required items from the library into you cost plan, add complete the information - simple and quick.

Include proper allowances for risk:

The in-built Monte Carlo risk analysis package will help you ensure that you consider and include sufficient allowances for all those project items that are unknown.

Sounds complicated but is dead easy to use.

Get rid of the finger-in-the-air and guessing approach to determining the amount for contingencies. Use this formal, considered approach and you will not go far wrong.

Using the risk simulation helps ensure that you will not get caught out by insufficient budgeting, but will not kill a project by over-provision.

Bills of Quantities:

When the project moves to the detailed measuring stage you can produce your Bills of Quantities.

CostAdviser Professional is supplied with fully-compliant NRM2 BQ library. (A SMM7 library is also available).

Elemental BQs are produced in the same way as cost plans. Simply drag and drop the required BQ items from the library into the BQ and add the quantity.

BQs can be priced and totals collected on summary pages.

As with the cost plans, each item has a dedicated traditional-looking dimsheet that is easy to use to calculate quantities and can import dimensions from digital measuring software.

Information is presented in impressive professional reports

Our report writer generates comprehensive professional reports.

All reports can be hard copy, PDF or export to Excel

Here are some examples:

Buy from the experts

As our name suggests, Costmodelling Limited are experts in cost modelling. Don't settle for anything less, make sure you buy from the experts!

We have been producing specialist construction cost modelling and budgeting software since 2002, culminating in our most advanced program yet - Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

Our CEO is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and member of the Association for Project Management who specialises in producing early cost advice, risk analysis, value engineering and life cycle costings. He knows cost modelling and the industry requirements inside out. He has lectured on cost modelling techniques and on life cycle costing. He wrote the whole life cost policy manual one of England's major County Councils to be utilised in all their construction projects.

Northumbria University have used our software for several years to teach their students cost modelling, cost planning and life cycle cost techniques.

A sound investment

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional will save you time and money. You will be able to produce detailed cost reports extremely quickly. Your productivity will increase giving you more profit and more time for yourself.

Your clients will be impressed with the accuracy, the good advice, the speed, and the detail presented to them in your reports. Essential to gain or maintain their trust and to ensure repeat commissions.

You will probably find that you can ditch your previous more costly estimating/budgeting/BQ software. Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional can do it all and is available at a fraction of the cost.

We developed our first costmodelling product back in 2002 because there was nothing on the market to cater for professional construction cost advisers' needs - the ability to produce reliable construction budgets, quickly, easily and in sufficient detail to be useful in making informed decisions.

Continuing development saw the introduction of several ground-breaking features offering great benefit to customers:

  • The inclusion of full 4-dimensional remodelling of the cost model to look at the effects of what-if scenarios and option appraisal.
  • The inclusion of a Monte Carlo risk simulation package to determine and test adequate financial inclusion for risk items.
  • The inclusion of whole life costings to enable the complete picture of a building's life to be considered, not just the initial construction cost.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our price. A typical price for a single-user licence on monthly subscription is just £25 per month. Discounts are available for multi-user licences. By having extremely low overheads, operating efficiently and specialising in a single high-level product. No costly salesmen, no huge admin department, no hangers-on. Just the specialists needed to produce, support, maintain and develop this amazing product.

We can guarantee your satisfaction

You can try Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional for free to make sure that it is right for you.

UK licences for the Premium Edition are bought by monthly subscription with payments taken by direct debit. You are fully covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and you can cancel your subscription at any time - simply contact your bank and cancel the direct debit payments. No questions, no arguments. However, we are confident that this will not happen. Once you have tried Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional and the benefits it gives you, you will want to keep it.

We also guarantee support for your product during the licence period - program updates, cost data updates, library updates, answers to questions, all help and assistance. No additional charges - all included in the price.

And finally!

Don't delay - act now.

Try Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional before you buy your licence. No commitment, no charge, just a free version of the program for you to use.

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