Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

Early cost advice, risk analysis, bills of quantities, life cycle costs for all construction projects

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

We understand your problems and have created the solution. We know that:

  • Getting the budget right at the very beginning of a project is critical - even before design work has started.
  • You need accurate detailed information on which to make crucial decisions before committing valuable resources.
  • You want to explore options to ensure that you obtain best value solutions.
  • You often need to provide clients with this information immediately and with little notice.
  • You don't want to spend lots of money on yet another software application.
  • You want to be able to measure electronically and use information from the design teams' 2D and 3D/BIM files when available.
  • You want an application that is very easy to use, is fun to use, does all the hard work for you, and delivers exactly the information you need.

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional easily provides the info at the very time you need it. And at a fraction of the cost of even basic estimating software products!

CostAdviser Professional will provide as little or as much information as you require. From construction budgets for simple house extensions right up to complete life cycle costs for multi-million pound complex hospital developments. Whatever the budget, whatever the building type, CostAdviser Professional can do it!

What you will get from Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

By using CostAdviser Professional you will be able to:

Produce comprehensive and realistic budgets. You can produce budgets for:
  • Construction costs
  • Building maintenance costs (renewal and maintain items)
  • Building occupancy and operation costs
  • Building end of life costs
Save time and money. You can produce a detailed cost model in seconds:
  • Build a model from scratch or select a ready-made database for your project as your starter pack.
  • Input a few basic details relating to your project - floor area, location, timescales.
  • Press the button and bingo! You have a fully cost model and realistic budget!
  • Much better and far more accurate than giving a budget based on cost per m 2 of floor area. You can now provide a fully detailed cost model showing how the budget is put together. No arguments in the future about what is or what isn't included. It's all very clear.
  • Remember, the first cost you give is the one that is important. It is the one that enters the mindset and becomes cast in stone. Don't take a chance. Ensure you get it right!
Carry out option studies at the touch of a button to determine best value:
  • What is the effect of making the building three storeys instead of two?
  • What happens if I make the building square instead of rectangular?
  • What happens if I reduce the storey height by 100mm?
  • What is the saving in using concrete roof tiles instead of natural roof slates?
  • What happens if I bring the start of construction date forward by 3 months?
  • What is the life cycle cost benefit in having aluminum windows instead of PVC-u windows?
  • And the list goes on and on.....
  • Explore all the possible options when it matters most - before the design committed. And remember, as the design progresses it becomes increasing costly and difficult to make changes!
Refine the cost model as design progresses:
  • Things always change. That's the nature of the world in which we live.
  • Change is no problem for Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional.
  • So, the Architect has changed the facing bricks to ones costing £450 per thousand rather than the £350 per thousand included in the original budget.
  • No problem. Simply drag the new item from the library into the cost plan to replace the existing one and instantly see the effect on the budget.
  • Over budget? OK - reduce the allowance for design change risk (after all, this is just what this allowance is for) or look for savings elsewhere in the model.
  • Imagine just how you could have dealt with this if you had only given a budget based on a cost per m2 of floor area. What allowance is included in the cost per m2 for the cost of facing bricks in the first place? What is the quantity of facing bricks in the development? What is the effect of the change is costs of the bricks on the budget? All impossible to answer. But not if you had used Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional.
  • Not only does Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional provide the initial budget, it acts as a running ledger, easily incorporating changes, always up to date and always giving the current predicted outturn cost. It will make your life much easier.
Obtain all the necessary cost information from within the program:
  • No need to waste precious time searching elsewhere.
  • All construction indices, cost data and extensive construction cost libraries are included, all automatically updated and project size specific.
  • Simply drag-and-drop the required items from the library into the cost plan. Add the quantity and you are done.
  • Quantities can be measured and imported from our partnering digitiser, obtained free of charge. So throw away the paper drawings and scale rule and go paperless. Work anywhere and carry everything you need in your laptop.

Include proper allowances for risk:
  • The in-built Monte Carlo risk analysis package will help you ensure that you consider and include sufficient allowances for all those project items that are unknown.
  • Sounds complicated but is dead easy to use.
  • Get rid of the finger-in-the-air and guessing approach to determining the amount for contingencies. Use this formal, considered approach and you will not go wrong.
  • Using the risk simulation helps ensure that you will not get caught out by insufficient budgeting, but will not kill a project by over-provision.

Present the information in impressive professional-looking reports:
  • Our report writer generates comprehensive professional reports. (See an example).
  • Produce early cost advice reports, detailed cost model reports, even Bills of Quantities!
  • Hard copy, PDF or export to Excel
Comply with professional standards:
  • Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional complies with the guidance issued by the RICS in their publications NRM1 - 'Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works', NRM2 - 'Detailed measurement for building works' and NRM3 - 'Order of cost estimating and cost planning for building maintenance works', and the UK Office of Government Commerce's requirements on accuracy, robust risk allowances and life cycle costs of construction projects before budget approval.
  • No need to spend time cross checking against documents. Just get on with your work secure in the knowledge that you are being looked after.
  • After all, time is money, and when money is saved everyone is happy!

Buy from the experts

As our name suggests, Costmodelling Limited are experts in cost modelling. Don't settle for anything less, make sure you buy from the experts!

  • We have been producing specialist construction cost modelling and budgeting software since 2002, culminating in our most advanced program yet - Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional
  • Our CEO is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and member of the Association for Project Management who specialises in producing early cost advice, risk analysis, value engineering and life cycle costings. He knows cost modelling and the industry requirements inside out. He has lectured on cost modelling techniques and on life cycle costing. He was even commissioned by one of England's County Councils to write their whole life cost policy manual to be utilised in all their construction projects.
  • Our software is chosen by leading UK universities to teach their students cost modelling and cost planning techniques. Northumbria University have just taken delivery of our latest program.

You are not buying, you are investing

What you are purchasing from us is an investment not a fee.

  • Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional will save you time and therefore money. You will be able to produce detailed cost reports extremely quickly. Your productivity will go up.
  • Your clients will be impressed with the accuracy, the good advice, the speed, and the detail presented to them in your reports. Essential to gain or maintain their trust and to ensure repeat commissions.
  • You will probably find that you can ditch your previous more costly estimating/budgeting/BQ software. Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional can do it all and is available at a fraction of the cost.

Don't delay - Act now!

You will be pleasantly surprised by our price. A typical price for a single-user licence on monthly subscription is just £25 per month. Discounts are available for multi-user licences. By having extremely low overheads, operating efficiently and specialising in a single high-level product. No costly salesmen, no huge admin department, no hangers-on. Just the specialists needed to produce, support, maintain and develop this amazing product.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers include private practices, and leading UK universities who use the application to teach students early cost advice, cost planning and life cycle costing techniques.

Our story

We developed our first costmodelling product back in 2002 because there was nothing on the market to cater for professional construction cost advisers' needs - the ability to produce reliable construction budgets, quickly, easily and in sufficient detail to be useful in making informed decisions.

Continuing development saw the introduction of several ground-breaking features offering great benefit to customers:

  • The inclusion of full 4-dimensional remodelling of the cost model to look at the effects of what-if scenarios and option appraisal.
  • The inclusion of a Monte Carlo risk simulation package to determine and test adequate financial inclusion for risk items.
  • The inclusion of whole life costings to enable the complete picture of a building's life to be considered, not just the initial construction cost.

We are passionate about early cost advice and getting it right. We know that if the budget is wrong at the outset, the whole project is tainted and life becomes miserable and problematic for all those involved. We have put all our passion into developing our products.

Our CEO has a strong interest in quantum mechanics and in particular probability and entanglement (Schrödinger's kittens anybody?). This knowledge has helped us build our advanced Monte Carlo risk simulation engine. We know that proper consideration and adequate financial inclusion for risk is critical to developing a successful budget. You need to spend as much effort on what is unknown about the project as what is known. Too often in the past the attitude has been let's just concentrate on what we do know and add 10% on for what we don't know. No wonder things went wrong!

We have studied the RICS' publications NRM1, NRM2 and NRM3 inside out. Sad, yes I know. But a demonstration of our passion to get things right. Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional complies with these publications but also takes things further. We have included the option to include 'Occupancy and Operational Costs' and 'End of Life Costs' in the cost model and reports as we consider without these two elements how are you presenting the complete picture? How could you justify to a client the additional cost of incorporating local renewable heat and electricity generating facilities into a building without demonstrating the future savings in operational costs? Again, a indication of our determination to get things right.

We are continually developing our products and staying at the leading edge of the industry. We are not aware of any other product on the market that can do and incorporates all the facilities that Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional has. In using Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional you can be sure that you are at the forefront of the latest technology and methodology.

We guarantee your satisfaction

You can try Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional for free to make sure that it is right for you.

Licences for the Premium version are bought by monthly subscription with payments taken by direct debit. You are fully covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and you can cancel your subscription at any time - simply contact your bank and cancel the direct debit payments. No questions, no arguments. That's how confident we are in our product. We are sure that this event will not happen. Once you have tried Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional and the benefits it gives you, you will want to keep it.

We also guarantee support for your product during the licence period - program updates, cost data updates, library updates, answers to questions, all help and assistance. No additional charges - all included in the price.

And finally!

Don't delay - act now.

Try Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional before you buy your licence. No commitment, no charge, just a free version of the program for you to use.

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