UK Construction Cost Regional Variations

Release date 1 April 2022

UK Construction Cost Regional Variations

This page contains a schedule and map indicating the comparative cost of construction in the UK region by region.

The indices are set at current tender price index 197 (2Q2022 - Year 2000 = 100) and UK national average index 100.

  • North East:     94
  • North West:     98
  • Yorkshire and Humberside:     97
  • West Midlands:     96
  • East Midlands:     98
  • East Anglia:     103
  • South West:     101
  • South East:     106
  • Outer London:     113
  • Inner London:     118
  • Wales:     97
  • Scotland:     98
  • Northern Ireland:     82
  • UK National Average:     100

Building prices can be influenced significantly by local conditions, local market conditions, size and specification. The indices given here are intended only as an indicative guide and should be used with caution as prices outside these ranges can be encountered in meeting local conditions and specific client requirements.

International Construction Cost Comparison

Comparative costs of constructing buildings of various international cities are given in two publications published by Rider Levett Bucknell - "RLB Global Construction Market Intelligence Report", and Turner & Townsend - "International Construction Market Survey".

These reports provide useful information that can be used to produced costs for construction projects outside the UK, but using the UK-based information as the source.

Converting a UK construction cost to an international construction cost in the local currency would involve multiplying the UK cost by the Construction Cost Relativity Index obtained from one of the reports and by the exchange rate between the GB Pound and the project's local currency.

However, remember once more that building prices can be influenced significantly by local conditions, local market conditions, size, specification and building components, and the above can only be considered as a guide.