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Cost models, cost estimates, budgets, cost plans, risk analysis, bills of quantities, life cycle costs for construction projects

Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional

CostAdviser Professional is an expert software application designed to assist professionals in the construction industry with cost estimation, planning and bill of quantities production. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that will enable you to produce the following for all types of construction projects:

  • Estimates;
  • Budgets;
  • Cost plans;
  • Construction cost models;
  • Life cycle cost models;
  • Bills of quantities;
  • Construction cashflow forecasts;
  • Risk analysis.

Our software is fully compliant with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standards NRM1, NRM2, and NRM3 3rd editions UK, October 2021. Life cycle cost models follow RICS Professional Guidance, UK, Life Cycle Costing 1st Edition, April 2016. Using our software ensures adherence to professional guidelines.

With its extensive libraries and up-to-date UK construction cost data, CostAdviser Professional allows users to produce detailed and reliable cost advice for UK-based construction projects quickly and efficiently. A comprehensive NRM2-compliant bill of quantities library assists greatly in the production of bills of quantities.

CostAdviser Professional comprises a suite of packages included in one single application:

  •    Order of cost estimator
  •    Simple estimate/cost planner
  •    Construction cost model modeller
  •    Life cycle cost model modeller
  •    Bills of quantities generator

The planner and modeller packages include a Monte Carlo risk allowance engine that can be used to help determine allowance for risk when uncertainty exists, and a cashflow forecast package providing a useful insight into the financial aspects of construction projects.

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of CostAdviser Professional, a 30-day free trial is available, offering full access to the software's features without any commitment.

A New Approach to Initial Costings

Unlike some applications, CostAdviser Professional does not mean that you have to present a construction budget or estimate as a single figure derived from an historic cost per m2 of floor area of a similar type of building. Our software can actually build a completely new and unique fully-detailed construction cost model from the ground upwards, element-by-element, according to your requirements.

We have a vast database of building data, which is constantly maintained and kept up-to-date. We do not rely on simple historic costs. When constructing a new cost model, our intelligent software pulls out appropriate element unit quantities and element unit rates applicable for your building from this database to produce a fully-detailed elemental construction cost model - every element quantified and priced.

You can see immediately where the money is being spent! Want to see how much the roof is costing? You have the answer straight in front of you; the same for every building element. Crucial and immediate financial control and insight from the very beginning when it matters most!

CostAdviser Professional can produce initial detailed advisory budgets or estimates for hundreds of common types of building entities in minutes!

This may all sound complex, but our software does all the hard work for you and is very easy to use with intuitive operation.

Bills of Quantities

Once the project has financial approval and has moved into the Contractor Engagement phase, our software allows you to produce NRM2-compliant bills of quantities where these are required as the pricing document. (A SMMM7 library is also available to those requiring such). With thousands of descriptions available, BQs can be generated easily simply be dragging items for the library and dropping them into the bill of quantities. All descriptions are fully editable and all BQ items are provided with their own automated dimsheet for use where needed. BQs are formatted automatically can be printed out as hard copies and PDF files, and exported as Excel files.

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Download Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional and install it on your computer

CostAdviser Professional Download

Latest version - - Release date 1 July 2024

CostAdviser Professional is a Microsoft Windows based system running on Windows 10 or Windows 11. It will not run correctly on older versions of Windows.

Regrettably, CostAdviser Professional will not run on Apple Mac.

Click the link below to download the CostAdviser Professional installation program:

Download CostAdviser Setup

Save the setup file on your computer. To help resolve any Windows 10 issues, right click on the installer and select 'Run as administrator'. This will allow you to install the program as normal.

Once you have installed CostAdviser Professional, try creating a cost model from scratch. Read the help manual within the program for more details.

If you have any installation issues, read our advice section for fixes of potential issues.



Costmodelling CostAdviser Professional - the high value, low cost application

Buy your CostAdviser Professional Premium Licence

Before buying your licence, please make sure that you have tried CostAdviser Professional and made sure that it is suitable for your needs. Remember, you can try our software under the Trial licence free for 30 days.

The Premium licence gives you full access to the program and full product-support. Each subscription extends your licence for the Premium Edition to the end of the current payment period.

Once you have set up the payment forms you will receive your Premium licence number by email, which will allow you to upgrade your Trial Edition to the Premium Edition.

By operating efficiently, with low overheads and no sales persons, we can keep our costs to a minimum passing on these savings to our customers.

Premium licences are bought by monthly subscription.

  • Single user licence - £50.00 + VAT per month (£60.00 total)
  • 2-5 users licence - £100.00 + VAT per month (£120.00 total)
  • 6-10 users licence - £150.00 + VAT per month (£180.00 total)
  • 11-20 users licence - £200.00 + VAT per month (£240.00 total)
  • 20+ users licence - £250.00 + VAT per month (£300.00 total)

We offer three subscription methods:

  • Direct debit
  • Payment by credit/debit card
  • Payment by PayPal Account

All methods are easy to set up and once set up there is nothing else you need to do. Subscriptions will be taken automatically each month and you will be sent an invoice confirming the payment made. You are fully covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee for direct debit payments and by PayPal for debit and credit payments and PayPal account payments. You are always in control.

We use GoCardless to handle the direct debit payments and PayPal to handle credit/debit card and PayPal account payments. Both are extremely reputable companies.

To set up your subscription, select the your chosen method of payment:

Annual licence

If you do not wish to pay by monthly-subscription, you can purchase your Premium licence with an annual payment. Your licence will be valid for 12 months. Please contact us giving your details and the number of users for whom you require a licence.

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time - no problem, no questions asked. Just drop us a line and we will do it for you, or you can do it yourself. If you pay by direct debit, simply cancel the direct debit through your own banking facilities or if you use the PayPal facility you can click this PayPal Unsubscribe link.

Once you cancel your subscription, your Premium Edition licence will expire at the end of the current payment period and no future subscription payments will be taken.


UK Construction Cost Data

Release date 1 July 2024

UK Construction Cost Data

All the data presented on this website is given free-of-charge and in good faith by Costmodelling Limited for guidance only, and is covered by our terms and conditions. If you choose to use any data from our website it is under our terms and conditions.

Indicative building costs

Typical construction costs per m2 for common types of buildings

Tender price and building cost indices

Historic, current and forecasted tender price and building cost indices

Regional variations

Adjustment to construction prices according to geographical location

Project size adjustments

Adjustment to construction prices according to project size (value)

Building component lifespans

Typical lifespans of common building components



Some of the unprompted testimonials we have received

A Selection of Testimonials Received by Us

"I am learning as I go but finding the software very good so far."

  • Daniel Ransom
  • Thir13en & Mayfair Ltd

"I found your software very intuitive and wish you continued success."

  • Andrew Morrison
  • Andrew Morrison Quantity Surveyor, Wolverhampton

"I've been messing with it this afternoon and have to say what a brilliant piece of software!"

  • Mat Forde BSc(Hons)MRICS
  • Willard Project Management Limited

"It is a very impressive piece of software!"

  • Charles Pell
  • Tetra Build Limited

"Your software is excellent."

  • David J Miles
  • David Miles Quantity Surveyor, Ilton, Somerset

"Fantastic piece of software. Helps us out a lot. Brilliant piece of kit!"

  • Josh Johnson
  • Commercial Manager, Create.iF

"I'm a huge fan of the software."

  • Will Norton
  • Norton Projects Limited, New Zealand

"Fantastic software. Incredible customer service."

  • Paul Sloboda
  • Bespoke London Developments Ltd

"May I take the opportunity to compliment Costmodelling Limited on the provision of an excellent web-site and source of data."

  • Stuart Dickinson ACII
  • Castel Underwriting Agencies Ltd

"It's for a new client so want to do a top notch job."

  • David Slater BA(Hons) DipSurv MRICS
  • David Slater Associates

"I am very grateful for your time and expertise, you have done a very good job for us. I could not have asked for a better service. I am thinking of sending your report to the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government to indicate how private enterprise has to work with government bodies in the field of affordable housing."

  • John Farah
  • MaryWharf Limited

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